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06-01-2005, 08:26 PM
This was posted on the FTO forum, thought you lot might be interested also...

I'm having a go :D


Due to my Drifting ambitions and to be able to plow money into the Japautopages i have decided to sell my car piccies enclosed i was thinking of selling tickets due to the time of year

£30 each and only selling 180 of them so who fancies a SKyline for £30 with a 1 in 180 chance, sounds like good odds to me!!!!

Spent loads recently on new power steering belt HKS plugs and new oil pressure sender. It needs aircon regassing and the starter squeaks, oh and has got a bit of a wheel wobble, but hey someone would get it for £30

Pictures are on the link at bottom of page.

its a 93 l reg and is taxd and moted for 5 months. its got a Apexi N1 exhaust, custom decat, greddy airinx air filter and a clifford alarm with total closure and built in turbo timer. It has no stereo as thats coming with me its done about 82k miles. The engine was rebuilt 30 odd thousand miles ago by abbey motorsport and put in 6 new pistons and GTR rings also 1.6mm head gasket cost over 3k got receipt and also lots of info in folder. it has also got a R32 GTR clutch which is good for 400bhp.

The cars running about .8bar and has to be about 300bhp, its fcuking fast and for £30 you cant go wrong.

have sold 40 tickets so far so be quick. Visit the http://www.japautopagesforum.com/view_topic.php?id=162&forum_id=9 go to forum and post on the thread in for sale section, be quick though.

you part with no money until i have sold the full allocation of tickets.

06-01-2005, 09:11 PM
Id be interested if I was certain the guy doesn’t have it fixed! :rolleyes:

06-01-2005, 10:36 PM
He's already had thought of cancelling it because of that...


To be honest, I thought that at first, but i'm saying sod it and having a go anyway.

He's not forcing anyone to have a go and I just thought I'd post it on here for people to look at and decide that way.

(not having a go, just pointing out why I did it...;) )

And for £30, I think it's worth the risk:D

08-01-2005, 07:04 PM
Well I've gone for it, as long as he sticks to the open location and free to turn up I see it as being fair. If that changes then my cheque doesn't go.;)

21-01-2005, 09:21 AM
Just an update for those who are following this...

at the moment, the list shows 148 tickets paid for, he needs another 12 paid before the draw takes place tomorrow otherwise it will be postponed for a couple of days so the remaining ones can be sold...

This is the latest list of who has paid, if you have but aren't on there then you will need to contact him asap.


Also, he has had a couple of transfers without username references so if you are one of them then let him know


Dont Know who you are below if you do not confirm before raffle you will not be entered and i will try to return your money some how.

TFR 92860220296100

G Beatty




21-01-2005, 05:46 PM
156 now sold...

just 4 more to go...:bounce:

22-01-2005, 09:35 AM
Thought I'd post the list for everyone, I'll post the result when I get told it...


*******************FINAL LIST FOR THE RAFFLE******************

Right then first off the Raffle will take place at Junction 15a of the M1 southbound in the services car park at 11am on Saturday 22nd January 2005 (alittle later than originally stated). Should the remaining payers not pay then it may have to be postponed for a few days but as we stand it is as above.


Ticket Numbers and Names

1 200sxer

2 juless14200

3 viv

4 piehound

5 piehound

6 Decker

7 my-sxy-s13

8 my-sxy-s13

9 bexxxhill

10 bexxxhill

11 paul200sx

12 paul200sx

13 Moby-Dick

14 Tony G

15 Tony G

16 Cmr2payne

17 Cmr2payne

18 Cmr2payne

19 Aitch

20 Aitch

21 Gramayr

22 Gramayr

23 Scooby Doo

24 Michelin

25 Major Sarcasm

26 r.sendout

27 essex andy

28 essex andy

29 essex andy

30 black lightning civic

31 robbie wilson

32 robbie wilson

33 Mad K

34 Mad K

35 Mad K

36 JackO

37 Spartan

38 Spartan

39 Jackpott

40 Jackpott

41 Wixsy

42 Wixsy

43 ki_saj_ng

44 joolsg

45 ross

46 ross

47 smiley culture

48 iain M

49 computa geek

50 adrianp

51 adrianp

52 dan vegas

53 lee norton

54 purple ronnie

55 grom

56 rexy mf

57 pulsar 2.2 t4

58 paddy power

59 tubstar

60 tubstar

61 skooter

62 skooter

63 hashiriya

64 hashiriya

65 steveeman

66 steveeman

67 steveeman

68 stevemann

69 legnum boy

70 sham

71 sham

72 Gavinp

73 eddies autos

74 timk

75 andy-d

76 shakey j

77 techno freak

78 baz200

79 arry

80 pete

81 foggy

82 McK

83 Rob

84 Mh-Nitro

85 Stevie

86 Smithy

87 deve8uk

88 silverlution

89 tiny tim

90 tiny tim

91 shiftee

92 si2001

93 si2001

94 big bob

95 big bob

96 coops

97 norwich fto

98 carl (SXOC)

99 northerncromb

100 fordyce

101 scott 120.6

102 Mad Biker

103 James 1760

104 matt4c

105 matt4c

106 noodle man

107 noodle man

108 clanny

109 sen-bez

110 Hutch

111 Roger townsend

112 ca18dat

113 amnesia

114 chopper 300zx

115 greddy

116 microboards

117 adiefto

118 swampy

119 iceman64

120 system-g

121 bash

122 djbolf

123 jpboost

124 dave-lancer register

125 Nickg-123

126 johnmorre123

127 Den-sxoc

128 Gary Marks

129 Ozt.tt 300zx

130 paul 190581

131 Ale

132 Kiruji

133 Ronny

134 Rune Larson

135 Kim Are Lerang

136 Jurn

137 Glen Neerass

138 Per T Larson

139 Per T Larson

140 Andy Kaz

141 Lemming

142 Hates

143 Mats Pettersen

144 Espen Olsson

145 Bazza

146 Daniel Catlin - WHO ARE YOU THOUGH

147 James 1760 (same person as ticket 103)


149 Mr Bishi FTOOC

150 Mr Bishi FTOOC

151 Trekkker

152 Mattotto 300zx

153 Bazza (same person as ticket number 145)

154 alcarmichael

155 R32 GTR

156 Raoul Haynes RNH

157 30 something

158 Kev J

159 pmacFTO

160 roger townsend (same person as 111 above)

************************************************** **********

all the above names have paid if you think you have paid and no on the list you need to tell me.

************************************************** **********

Dont Know who you are below if you do not confirm before raffle you will not be entered and i will try to return your money some how.

TFR 92860220296100


************************************************** **********

Any Bank tranfers received after Saturday morning will be returned and that ticket not entered into raffle

22-01-2005, 12:58 PM
Well I didn't win...:mad:

A couple of the guys from the FTOOC went and have said that yes it was done fairly so I'm not complaining (much...)

The winner was ticket No. 158 so a lucky last minute buyer won the car.

I'll delete this thread in a few days.