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25-04-2005, 06:01 PM

I am trying to let all other Honda Clubs and forums know about this - so if you know of others, please pass this on.

Notice for all Honda Clubs
If you are aware of any other Honda Clubs whether they are single model clubs or multi model (but not multi-marque) - please pass on the following invitation.

Zip Television have approached Honda Revolutions but I have spoken to Tim and told him that there are a lot of other Clubs out there and to be fully representative he should speak to reps from them all.

Clubs/forums I have already mentioned include;

Honda Enthusiast Club
UK S2000 Club
S800 Club
Honda Beat Club
CRX Forum
CTR Forum
DC2 Forum
DC5 Forum

I do not however have upto date email addresses for all these or who runs each one - so please feel free if you are active with any of these clubs to point the organisers to this thread so that everyone can be involved.

Honda have commissioned Zip Television to produce a series of short programmes to be shown nationwide in their dealerships. As well as featuring the latest news and information from the world of Honda, Zip will also being doing regular items on the various Honda Clubs.

If your club has an event happening soon and would like to take part in one of these programmes, please contact Tim Davis at Zip Television on 020 7101 7374 or email tim.davis@ziptelevision.com.

All above taken from : http://forum.hondarevolutions.com/viewtopic.php?t=48112