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  1. Good news, I found the oil filler cap! Sorry no spare dash speaker.
  2. Unfortunately not. The working Beat had already lost its original oil filler cap and I have already swiped the one off the Parts Beat
    I still don't have a decent rocker cover oil cap between them!

    I don't suppose you have a spare right hand dash speaker pod floating around do you?
  3. I made it up to Auckland in the Beat earlier this year, will let you know if I head up there again.

    You mentioned that you had a scored a free Beat for parts, you wouldn't happen to have a spare oil filler cap by any change? The one for topping up that is accessed from the boot.
  4. Thanks very much for the welcome and assistance. I may well need to talk vehicle security at some stage. Love to Beat it to Wellington some day!
  5. Hi, and welcome to U-UKHBC.

    Let me know if you ever make it down to Wellington or if you ever need and help with your Beat.

    Tel: 0212425276
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