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Thread: Cappo or Beat???

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    Cappo or Beat???

    Hey guys,

    coming from a Beat owner, i was just wondering wat the negative cons on a cappo over the beat are???

    Which is better and why????

    (When looking for a beat i was also checking out the cappos and didnt know which to get at the time)

    Thank-you In advance!!
    You Can't Beat The BEAT!

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    I've never had a go in one to be honest, but at Japfest II last year a couple of owners came up to talk about my paint work and we got chatting, and the only thing they really commented on was that there is more room inside a beat!?!?!

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    when i was looking for a beat i did consider a cappo for sensible reasons like being able to get parts, upgrades etc.
    the main thing that put me off the cappo was the styling (but thats purely a personal thing - i prefer the chunkier beat) and the fact that a lot of them seem to have rust problems - and not just on the arches!
    i seem to remember theyre quite a bit higher in insurence groups too but thats not a huge factor.
    the cappo sport site has a lot of info on them but it seems you have to spend quite a lot to get a nice one.
    having said all that ive never been in one either!

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    HBeat - first off I must qualify my views as I am a Honda fan and a car enthusiast but have never owned either a Capo or Beat. I do come into contact with a lot of owners though and I am fairly knowledgable about cars.

    I think the Beat is a great car. However if comparing pros and cons, I must say that the Beat is actually the only Honda I know of that does not have a great reputation for reliability. The Beat is a little fragile unfortunatly.

    The Capo is a more practical daily driver and the spares are very easy to get (especially in comparison to the Beat). Indeed, due to sharing parts with quite a few other cars (Susuki & Mazda) there are also off-the-shelf upgrades to be had at much more affordable prices.

    However the Beat is much more exclusive as of course the Capo was actually sold in the UK as well so not just grey import as was the case with the Beat.

    Downside with the Capo really is pretty much the rust issues. If you go down the Capo ownership route, you really need to find the best bodywork (and chassis) example you can and then if possible strip and protect it right away to preserve it.

    A friend of mine drives an AZ-1 which is the gull wing doored Mazda version of the Cappuchino - much more scarce but also more expensive to buy (same ownership costs though as same engine etc). I have driven that and it was an absolute hoot. Just made me chuckle with the little car having bags of character with it hissing and whooshing as though completely unaware of how tiny it is. Proper little terrier and gets a lot of attention.

    Conclusion for me....
    My heart would say Beat, my head would say Cappuchino, but if I could find one - I'd buy the AZ-1 (Mazdaspeed edition)

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    My heart would say Beat, my head would say Cappuchino, but if I could find one - I'd buy the AZ-1 (Mazdaspeed edition)[/QUOTE]

    If you hunt around the site someone was advertising an AZ1 earlier in the year.

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