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Thread: The cost of Parts

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    Thumbs down The cost of Parts

    The Beat is nearing it's 'legal' completion having passed it's MOT.
    I've done a number a non essentail jobs along the way and she's now looking alot better. I thought I'd replace the wiper arms since the old ones had seen better days, imagine my horror when I was told by my dealer how much they cost......



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    What wrong with the old ones?

    They all go a bit tatty. A can of spray paint and a wire brush will sort them out!
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    If you want to salvage them, locate a sand or bead blaster. This is a quick, easy way to clear down to the bare metal. Next, warm the oven no more than 150-175 degrees with the arms inside to expand the pores. With the metal warm, spray paint - remember muliple coats are better than 1 thick coat. Return to the oven to bake and slowly cool. The paint is then alot more durable.

    I use the oven frequently. I did my calipers years ago. Holding-up fine.

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    I use the oven frequently.
    Your significant other must love you.....
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    When I was a little dude, a quarter would get my yonger brother out of the house to the arcade. Now, it's a whole lot more to get more for the honey to go shopping.

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