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Thread: AC not blowing cold

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    marcair Guest

    AC not blowing cold

    Fan works fine. Where are the AC fuse(s)? Or any suggestions as to troubleshooting? I did not have time today to study further. If you mention a component, please add location info unless it is obvious.

    A couple weeks ago, I turned the sys on and it worked fine.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Have you been using the aircon regularly?

    if you dont turn it on for a few minutes every week the seals dry out and you lose all the gas. Thats a $100 dollar fix over here.
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    You should get a clonk from the back of the car when A/C is switched on if the magnetic clutch on the compressor is working. If this happens it probably needs regassing

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    marcair Guest
    Location of the AC relay, anybody? Under the dash, or?

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