Hi, I have given up on the guy i bought the car off fixing the engine he has been promissing to do for 18 months now. So, I need to put together a list of parts I need, and try and get someone local to do the work.

It's smoking bad, and really not firing on all 3, driver's side pot is especially bad. What I think I need to do is get O/S pistons and rings and have the barrels bored out to fit. Apparently the valves and seals were rplaced when the engine was perviously re-built, though I only have the guy's word on this. I assume I'll need a head gasket. Also given that it's been buring so much oil, what other parts will need replacing? The exhaust will have to be replaced, but I will get one of thos SS ones made up, I reallly need to know what engine parts I will need.

Assuming the current block is standard size rings and pistons, what over-size would I need to get?

Is this worth doing, or would I be better off trying to replace the engine? Do any UK Honda garages actually know this car? My 2 local dealers have never seen one.