Hi All,Ive fitted a new cam sensor.The old one had insulation ouzing out.However,code 9 still comes up.Cam and distributor timings spot on.I've since replaced the ECU and guess what?Code 9 still pops up.Car goes much better now that new ECU fitted.Management light on means"OK to drive but take to agent to investigate".Flashing light is more serious."Drive immediately to a place of safety and call for assistance".If you continue driving with a flashing light,you will damage the catalytic converter due to unburnt fuel in the exhaust.This is usually caused by a failed plug or lead,hence the fuel/air doesn't get burned,enters the VERY hot cat and melts it.As a retired AA patrol,I have seen this happen in just 10 miles.It's usually accompanied by a chronic misfire,especially on a 3 cylinder engine,so you wouldn't ignore it. Now then,can someone tell me the readings I should have at the cam sensor plug,with the ignition on?I'm currently getting 0v and 0.25v dc. I'm always happy to talk on 01626 879252 though useful info can still be available to all.Otherwise she's a little red beauty,but I can't sell it like this,or can I?Any takers?Cheers Dave.