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Thread: Help finding contact info for JDM supplier

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    Help finding contact info for JDM supplier

    I found a exhaust system I want (Part EX01 and EX02), and found someone to ship it from Japan, but I can not find a way to contact the vendor to ask questions (sound level, does it bolt up with no mods, does it use stock o2 sensors,other parts req'd to do the conversion, ext.) or to make payment.

    Can anyone else find any contact info besides a phone number? I find it odd that company from Japan would not have an email address...?

    Also, is this brand of exhaust made by the company who has the website, or is this just sold on their website?

    Any help would be appreciated. I played with the website translators, but still can not find an email.


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    cant see an email - there is a contact form tho - you could ask them to email you back? im sure if it required any further bits it would be stated.
    are you using jesse to bring it in? i know mrs jesse speaks japanese and has been a great help before in asking questions for us

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    I was going to say same:

    Jesse Streeter

    I have his email address if you pm me, or find him on here?

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    Try this page:

    He makes dreams come true.
    You meet the nicest people in a HONDA!

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    If you are in the US, I get all my OEM and auction stuff from Steve at:

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