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Thread: Aftermarket Wheel question...

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    Aftermarket Wheel question...

    I've got my car parked for the winter...but I would like to order a set of rims to replace my current ones.

    Currently I have 15" rims, and I've got rubbing issues. I'm going to go with 14's.

    My question is...

    What is the minimum clearance from the wheel mounting surface to the closest obstruction on either front or rear wheels.

    I'm trying to figure what is the maximum backspacing I can have on a set of rims.

    I would measure this if my car were not in storage


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    ozsamurai has a good page on tire size

    Basically, the rears are 45 offset, and front are 35 offset.
    I have a set of 45 offset 14" rims that fit on the beat

    The front I have 195/45/14 tires
    The rear I fit 195/55/14
    I need to use a 15mm spacer in the front and 5mm for the rear.

    The rear have about 2-3 mm of clearance with my coilovers, so you may need to have narrower tires with the stock suspension, as coilovers are smaller and increase the space.

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    Mine's about 130mm rotor-face to spring perch on the front.
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    Thanks maiku and bigB

    I'm finally getting around to ordering a set of rims for summer.

    Apprecaite the reply,

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    I would stick with the 13" front and 14" rear, that's what the car was designed for. Use correct size tyres also. Not only does it look better, it drives how it should too.

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