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Thread: Weird electrics!

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    Weird electrics!

    Just before retiring on Monday I noticed all the directional lights were flashing, but nobody had used the Beat for several days. I thought some kid had gotten in and pushed the hazard button, but pushing it didn't turn it off. The really odd thing is that there was no sound of a relay clicking like there is with the hazard button. There is some sort of alarm installed but I always believed it was just a dummy that flashes the red LED on the dash cowl. Could some stray radio signal have triggered something? I've never had that happen in the 2.5 years I've parked in the same place. Anyway, turning the ignition on and off again stopped it and it hasn't occurred again.

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    Hi Steve,

    Can't believe I missed this post! Not used to the new site layout, but have sussed it now!
    Have PM'd you.

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