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Thread: 660 Turbocharged, VVT multi throttled engine

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    660 Turbocharged, VVT multi throttled engine

    Hey Guys, Still slowly rebuilding my 1991 Honda Beat. Rebuilt the original E07A for it and waiting on a dizzy from Gavin.

    My Mechanic, sort of mad scientist did some research and when i do have the money, I want to try his idea.

    Essentially we would use the E07Z with Variable Valve timing, but we intend to work the E07A MTREC system onto it. Would require an aftermarket ECU to piggyback on the E07Z (which i've seen installed in a beat) and a fair amount of work and tuning.

    Anyone ever toyed with this idea? It obviously won't be as fast as any Busa or B18 mod, but it should be fairly impressive in comparison to the original performance while not destroying anything much of the Beat's fantastic handling.

    Let me know what you think.

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    There is a E07Z turbo engine swap on Minkara somewhere. I doubt it would make the Beat any more powerful (might be more drivable) as it aready seems to be tuned to the high rev range, unless you wanted to try an aftermarket camshaft and try to get it revving to 10k rpm or so and still have something that's drivable.

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    e07z never came with vvt that was the later s07a turbo engine they did a n/a version to the s07s where dohc cam to.

    Having a turbo will make it a totally different car to drive plus if you have it mapped then you won't have it restricted to the 64bhp limit, I'm looking to turbo mine once I've fixed it will be easy enough to sort out parts just the ecu side to contend with.

    But before all that I'm taking the chance to sort the rest of the suspension and brakes out

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