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Thread: Civic parts on a beat

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    Civic parts on a beat

    Hi all
    Just wondering if it is possible to drop on civic pads and discs without major work?
    Obviously when you drop in a more powerful engine (a lot of work haha) you will need a way to stop the wee beastie

    I'm just spitballing at the mo as my mate keeps telling me I should tune me beat. While I quite like it as is the brakes aren't overly great, I just thought I'd upgrade the discs to help stopping.


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    hi munkii
    not sure about civic, but i think a lot of folk in japan have been upgrading to oem jazz / fit calipers.
    it seems to be a pretty simple swap though i've not got round to looking into it properly yet!

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    Tho I now have other worries as a neighbors misses has just reversed her 4x4 over the bonnet of my beat so I need to get that fixed now... The honda badge was half way up... You have to ask "did she not hear the noise!"

    Luckily it still drives and it is cosmetic

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