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Thread: Grand European Tour

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    Grand European Tour

    Hi All,

    I've decided to take my Beat on a European excursion and would welcome any / all advice.
    I have freed up approx 30 days for this trip, end of June and most of July.
    I am travelling via ferry from Hull to Zeebrugge and from there Europe is my oyster. I will be looking to camp most of the time with the odd cheap hotel thrown in now and then.
    A bit woolly at the moment I know but I'm guessing some of you may have done this type of thing already and would have some tips.

    Kind regards


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    I did a charity rally in mine last year, link to the stats here.! ! The links are now gone! the rally started in France and ended in Croatia, we then came back the long way via Bosnia i h, Croatia, Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, Czech Republic, Austria, Germany, Luxemburg, Belgium and France, Plenty of info if you need it just PM me.
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