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Thread: Tonneu front stud

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    Question Tonneu front stud


    I can't fit my tonneau front stud to the car (the same stud you have to undo when folding the roof).

    I want to either change the stud or buy a new tonneau ...

    But If I have a look here ->

    It looks like the same stud as on my tonneau.

    Am I missing something?

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    If I remember correctly from my first Beat (9 years ago so I may be wrong) Honda used 2 different fittings for the front of the roof. The original was a Tenax fixing that was replaced on later models with a simple stud When I tried to order a replacement pair of fixings (I had the same problem as you) Honda supplied me with the later stud type, the original part had been superseeded.
    It sounds like you have a late tonneau and an early roof. The simple solution would be to buy a pair of fixings from Honda (90306-SS1-505) and replace the fixings on the hood.

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    As fxdlidon says the original fixing are tenax fittings, if you want to get some they are available from the supplier Namrick

    You would need the machine screw type to fix to the body.

    The later fixings are just normal press stud type fixings which Honda now supply.
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    I accidentally threw away my front fixings with my old roof and, much to my dismay, they are no longer available from Honda
    So I went with the Tenax option - the standard Tenax studs that fit to the bodywork are 2BA so you need German Tenax Pegs, these are 5mm, the same thread as the originals, and fit perfectly

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    I went to a local car trimmers and he had everything needed for mine. He fitted them there and then and was very reasonable. Whilst there I took a look around. In a corner was a ‘project’. I said is it an old Jag and he said no it was an Aston Martin DB 1. He said it was worth 1m. He said that there were only 2 known and that the owner of this one owned the other as well. Mmm, the ‘project’ actually looked worth a few hundred to me. Rarity and desirability are key. Still prefer my Beat though........

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