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Thread: How are your beats doing a decade later? USA meh

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    How are your beats doing a decade later? USA meh

    Yay so finally i can get a beat, looking for a 92 specifically since i figure they made a few changes since its release, i have been browsing and doing a bit of research trying to find out common issues with them

    While i do want the beat i want to make sure its not a money pit, i understand that the timing belt is something that needs to be changes asap, since many of you have had these cars for a while are there any suggestions you have for a person buying a 25yo car?

    I have a del sol now so the beat seems to be a mini me, which is why i want it

    Also i thought i came across something where there was a factory option for a foldable scooter that would fit inside the boot/ trunk, is that right?

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    no major mechanical changes as far as i know apart from version Z with LSD which i think had different colours? Green, Blue White?
    25 yr old cars will all need the same attention, Timing Belt is a given regardless unless you have proof
    rust is usually on joint inside door shuts or bonnet although mine has had small repair to inner sill area ds at rear inner
    Distributor bearing was an issue but by now most will have been sorted
    make sure everything works, air con probably won't but thats what the roof is for
    make sure EML is on permanently, usually leaking Caps and can be sorted

    Quote Originally Posted by Ace M View Post
    Also i thought i came across something where there was a factory option for a foldable scooter that would fit inside the boot/ trunk, is that right?
    luckily i didn't have a Coffee in hand when i read that!!

    Honda Today is what you're thinking of with a MotoCompo

    you do realise the Beat boot (trunk) isn't even as big as the lid?
    i don't have a pic but i'm sure someone will be along with one.

    this looks worse than it was...

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Also, the gauge cluster typically has some issues. There's a rubber gasket that goes along the edge that perishes and starts to let water in. As a result, the tach is usually the first to start malfunctioning. Along side that, since it's really old already, the plastics in the odometer gears also tend to go, leaving you without either a odometer, a trip meter, or both.

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    Fuel pump relay fails due to solder deterioration.
    The cam belt went on mine in March. Engine rebuild needed. Honda mechanic mate was surprised that many original parts are still available from Japan. Knowing he was rebuilding my engine, Honda UK contacted Honda Japan and they sent him their factory manual (600 pages +). The snapped cam belt wasn't an original Honda one so it must have been changed before.
    Rusty (very) screws/bolts need drilling out sometimes.
    ECU issues due to poor heat insulation from the engine.
    It still makes me smile every time I drive it though!

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    With the del sol most of the changes an average driver would not know about cause they changed little things such as the targa seals, making slight changes to the engine etc; but asthetically they look the same at least until 96/97 US when they changed the front so i thought perhaps similar things happened to the beat

    The company that will be doing the import said they would be willing to get any repairs done to it prior to shipment, so i might get the work done that you all have recommended since well the car will still be in japan and sourcing parts would be a lot simpler for them

    Well yea i thought the scooter was super duper tiny to fit in the beat lol, it is pretty tiny but it looks so weird not sure if i want to get it now especially in america where we arent as tiny as the asians

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