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Thread: Passed rev 7000rpm problem

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    Question Passed rev 7000rpm problem

    Hi all,

    I am a new beat owner, i found a problem from my beat, it cannot passed rev 7000rpm on each gear, i read many related posts on forum from 2002 to 2011, however, i still no luck to find out the solution on whole day

    If anyone met this problem also and fixed, please share with me. Many thanks and sorry for my English.

    Problem video:
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    There are several cars with this same issue, but I don't think I have seen anyone actually fix it, I tried many thing on Adrian P cars, but never got to the bottom of the problem.
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    Hi Steve

    I asked many JAPAN beat group, some guy said that the In & Ex valve spring installation are incorrect when rebuild engine, Maybe they swapped the springs to install, i think they are correct, because my beat last owner ever rebuild the engine, i will check this part.

    In spring: 14761-p36-003
    Ex spring:14762-p36-002
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