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Thread: Job Lot of Beat Parts for Sale!

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    Job Lot of Beat Parts for Sale!

    Job Lot of Beat parts I'm hoping to sell altogether. They are good as new (ordered, then unused, then never got round to fitting them, typical me!) and are as follows:

    1 x Clutch release bearing:

    1 x cover plate:

    1 x friction plate:

    1 x synchronizer:

    Make me an offer if interested - you might be surprised! (when I last checked they were worth a grand total of about £600! I made a kind of half-cocked attempt to sell them a few years back, but this time it really needs to happen as we're decluttering the house to sell!)

    Will be plus postage (looking at the website i estimate around the £15 mark?)



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    Argh... so it seems I missed a bunch of belated PMs from people interested in these parts individually last time they were for sale 😩 (why I can see this on my phone but didnít notice it on my laptop, Iím not sure).

    On that basis itís worth mentioning that I will consider splitting them up if people are interested but, more to the point.. Iíve set myself a reminder to check back here every few days, to prevent such a frustrating situation for potential buyers happening again, where you are PMing me and not getting a reply as Iíve forgotten the post is here/ am not checking my email etc.

    For the same reason, if there is no interest/I decide to eBay, Iíll delete this post.

    And huge apologies to anyone left hanging last time 😞

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