Hi everybody
I am new to Beat ownership having bought a type f from e-bay a couple of months ago. Since then I have been preparing it for a Mot. All was going well but now I need some help.

I changed the battery yesterday (the one it came with was too big for the tray). Now the new battery is connected there seems to be a problem with the ecu – the fuel pump doesn’t prime and the engine will not start.
I have checked the following:
• The immobiliser seems to be doing what it should – it blinks the right codes etc.
• The main relay is getting power both direct from the battery and via ‘gauges’ when the ignition is on
• The ‘main relay’ is proving power to the ecu (the yellow and black wire) so one relay is working
• The fuel pump relay works if provided with an earth
• The fuel pump works
• The ecu is getting an earth
• The issue appears to be that the ecu is not providing an earth to the fuel pump relay
I have searched the forum and looked at others for 1990’s Hondas - it appears that problems with the ecu and the main relay are common and there is a lot written about it. All that combined knowledge points to an ecu problem with my car but is there anything else I should check? For example does the ecu expect a certain response from any of the sensors before it primes the fuel system?
Any suggestions will be appreciated!

Sorry to be only posting when I need help.