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Thread: My honda beat is stolen

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    My honda beat is stolen

    Hello guys!

    My carnival yellow honda beat was stolen somewhere at the end of last week.

    It was a beat from 1992 that was imported to the netherlands

    Its license plate number was RV - 338 -H

    It had the following mods
    Tein coilovers
    Nardi steering wheel
    Bride low max bucket seats
    Spoon window banner
    Rays volk re37v
    Dark tail lights

    The police suspects that the car is probably taken abroad to either eastern europe or africa.

    I was in the middle of revamping it so I am trying to find the best/most accurate pictures and i will post some later

    If you guys have any tips or if you guys see something suspicious then please PM me.

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    That is awful. Sorry man. I'm in the US, but will keep an eye out when I'm looking around for parts and such. Hope you find it soon!

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    Bummer. :-(

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