Hi All,

The check light's been on for 10 years with no problems and no error code (it did fade in and out for a while, at first) and now that's an MOT fail!

So I finally decided to do something about it, so assuming that the ECU capacitors were behind it, I replaced them, plus a couple of resistors. No change. There was a fair bit of corrosion on the front of the board, which I've done my best to clean up. I've tested continuity of the pcb tracks where the damage was noticeable and they all check out fine.

The plot just got thicker when I tried a reset of the ECU by removing the 7.5A fuse -I noticed it was blown. Eagerly replaced it thinking that may have been the problem all along... no change.

So, the car runs fine, there are no error codes and it's been like this for years, BUT it will fail the MOT.

HELP! Any ideas? Anything else that I can test?

Cheers! -Jc.