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Thread: Little Red 'Cor,what's that?' For Sale!

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    Little Red 'Cor,what's that?' For Sale!

    I am very reluctantly putting my Honda Beat up for sale after 10 years of ownership.

    Please see link to advert:

    Price: 7,999

    Reason for Sale: Saving up to have plastic surgery to remove the smile from my face from driving it!

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    Would u consider selling me the cosmetic roll over hoops please

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    Thank you very much for your enquiry regarding the possibility of purchasing the 'fashion roll bars' fitted to my Beat.

    I am sorry but I am not looking to sell them separately. I would prefer to keep them with the car as I think that they are one of the features that make it unique (although if you were to offer me 7,999 for the roll bars, I could always throw the car in for free!).

    Seriously, I found my set a few years ago on 'Yahoo! Japan' (Japan's equivalent of eBay) and used '' to bid on my behalf and arrange for shipping to the UK.

    If you search Honda PP1 on Yahoo! Japan, you'll find literally thousands of both new and used parts for the Beat.

    The hoops I purchased were new and if I remember rightly, were supplied by a seller called 'MocMoc90', who also produced similar items for the Suzuki Cappuccino.

    Hope this helps in your search.

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