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Thread: Oxygen Sensor Heater

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    Oxygen Sensor Heater

    Hey Gang

    Oxygen Sensor Heater what is it? I have finally got the Engine Check light replaced and I get a the code 41. What do I need to do now?



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    O2 sensor heater

    No replies since 2004??? I just got the same diagnosis and the dealer needs a fortune for the sensor. What is it and do I really need one?

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    The Oxygen sensor in the exhaust that measures the exhaust gases has an element in it to heat the sensor.

    Oxygen failure will cause incorrect fueling. If the Fault code is raised in the ECU the engine will run an emergency map which wont be optimal.

    Yes Oxygen sensors are expensive. You may be able to get a non genuine sensor, but from the same supplier as OEM ie. NGK/NTK
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    It took me 6 years to think. lol....IMHO an 02 heater helps the sensor get up to speed. This sensor with a bad heater could still send a proper voltage range to the ECU at operating temp. It won't effect daily run-ups really. Cold starts yes. Maybe find and affix a generic O2 sensor replacement online and diy? Usually its a wee bit of soldering, and a socket.
    Now if you've a custom exhaust manifold, you may need an cheater bung or even an 02 emulator. Reply.

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    Sorry - for some reason the previous answers did not show up as New Posts.....

    I took the easy route and got a new one installed by the local Honda dealer, who seems to be quite good with Beats. No more engine light, and it doesn't smell so rich anymore.

    Oh, how nice to have a fully-sorted car for a change.

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    Hello All,

    Apologies for reviving a thread started in 2004, and continued in 2010, here in 2018 - but I'm doing this mainly because my question today relates fairly directly to helpful stuff which was posted back then.

    We're 15 years into Beat ownership now, and ours is still going strong......except that the Engine Check Light lit the day before yesterday - for the first time since accepting the car all those years ago. We did have a check light issue when we first bought her, documented in other old threads on this forum (which the car sales place that sold it had to rectify otherwise we would have rejected the car), but this is a new and different fault.

    Bridging the connectors and reading the codes over the last few days (several times, on two different occasions, with ECU reset carried out after) has consistently resulted in 41 = Oxygen Sensor Heater.

    A search of this forum found this thread (and one other, at ) to be relevant, but by now, in 2018, the original Oxygen Sensors ( 36531-P36-003 ), which were 339.94 inc VAT back in 2014, are completely out of stock worldwide according to the Honda Dealer in Canterbury this morning. So, this means I'll have to track down a suitable alternative - which at the price above is probably a good thing!

    My friendly neighbourhood garage, who look after my Civic and my Beat, are happy to replace the sensor providing I can get some information about which specific compatible sensor to get.

    In the other thread referred to above, Steve M kindly provided some links to sensors which were available via eBay back in 2014 and it was said that a Honda Civic sensor should be OK with a bit of wiring extension.

    Have any of you had experience of replacing the Oxygen Sensor since the subject was discussed before and can provide any further info? With regard to the Honda Civic-compatible sensor, which model/year Civic would this be?

    The items in the eBay links provided in 2014 are obviously long since gone, but there's a current listing at: which relates to the 2014 one.

    Any further light anyone can shed on obtaining the correct aftermarket Oxygen Sensor that can 'talk' correctly with the Beat ECU (with a wiring extension if necessary) would be very much appreciated.



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    Hi Andy,

    I don't have any knowledge of fitting an aftermarket sensor, but there is another option for you:

    Copy and paste the following in to google:

    DENSO O2センサー ポン付け 純正品質 36531-P36-003 PP1 BEAT

    and the first link will be an link to an 02 sensor for approx 65.00 (I cant paste the link here as it is converting the Japanese characters).

    Edit : try this link -

    You can buy this by visiting and using their Chrome Amazon plugin. Once you have that, just visit the page and click the Buyee icon in your toolbar and it will be added to your buyee cart. They receive the goods and you can then arrange how shipping it back through them. You'll pay postage and import duty but it will most likely be cheaper than 340.00.

    I have used buyee with no issues so far. Shipping costs are going up but they offer plenty of options.

    Hope that helps,


    Edit 2 : Or if you can figure out what Denso part number that is, you could get one in this country?
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    I just used one of these - Under 15 and works perfectly

    Just chop the original plug and wire it to the new sensor like this:

    Function Harness Colour Plug Colour Sensor Colour
    Heater Red/Black Black White
    Heater Blue/White Black White
    Sensor Earth Brown/Black Green Grey
    ECU White(screened) White Black

    The wires from the plug to the sensor (the wire you need to chop) are a different colour to the wires in the harness

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    hi andy
    with regard to both above sensors recommended they will both work I have used on at least 6 different beats and all start work and pass emmissions fine
    the cheaper option is obviously just that and more time consuming (fine if youre doing yourself ) and not paying labour

    I prefer the plug and play one from the 1.4 civic (32 ebay) the only thing you need to be aware of is on the multiplug the white insert should be swapped over from youre old sensor it is a better and more secure fit. you will understand this when youre arm is stuffed up the inner chassis leg trying to connect it

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    Thank-you all for your replies. Sorry for my delay in following up the messages - I've been away for a few weeks.

    In addition to all the helpful further info above, enquiries with Nengun Performance in Japan found that the Beat oxygen sensor (36531-P36-003) is still available from Honda in Japan and Nengun have now added it to their web page of Beat parts for sale, which is accessible from their home page at

    It would appear, from discussions with a different Honda Dealer to the one I originally approached, (you may all know this anyway, but I didn't) that as far as part enquiries with Honda UK are concerned, they only search as far as what parts Honda Europe in Belgium carry. A part may show as discontinued on their system if Honda Europe have declared it as such, but this doesn't mean that they aren't available from Honda in Japan.

    I also contacted Denso in the Netherlands, and they were also very helpful in responding to my enquiry, although they said they had two possible sensors that would fit the bill. For reference, in case it helps anyone searching in future and finding this thread, this is what Denso's Application Engineer had to say:

    Thank you for contacting us.

    Indeed, we do not have this product listed in our range, but I went on searching in our global engineering system.

    I identified the sensor and I am almost ready to advise you both a direct fit and a universal fit solution. However, there are 2 limitations:
    A. Our offer will be without the heat shield cup. We normally try to include such OE specifications, but unfortunately this time we do not have a similar sensor spec. You may be able to salvage the original heat shield and install it in between the exhaust and the sensor gasket. Even without it, the engine should run fine, but keeping it is advisable.
    B. Our drawings cannot 100% disclose if the internal measuring element is case grounded or isolated.

    To advise you correctly, would it be possible for you to do a resistance check on the sensor following the procedure below?
    Step 1: Unplug the sensor connector
    Step 2: locate the terminal inside the sensor connector that is fixed to the green wire.
    Step 3: Set multimeter to Ohm, connect 1 lead to the terminal of the green wire, and the other to the housing of the sensor.
    Step 4: Measure the resistance. In case this resistance is infinite or in MegaOhm (MOhm) range, it is ISOLATED. When it is below 100 Ohm (0.1 kOhm or less) it is CASE GROUNDED.

    I expect with 90% chance that it will be Isolated. However, it is important for correct functioning.

    If you can let me know the measurement outcome and if you agree with the limitation of the heat shield mentioned above, I can continue refining my advise to you.

    I'm not in a position these days to be able to do the work myself so am discussing the why's and wherefores of each option with the garage that will be, so effectively all is sorted for me now one way or another. Thanks again all.

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